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Indiana Family Mediation

Helping families resolve their legal disputes amicably

I am a skilled negotiator who can help you obtain the best possible settlements while preserving amiable relationships. Family mediation gives you control over the process and can often provide more expedient, predictable results than going to trial.

Strategic planning and decisive action

From filing a complaint on your behalf to mediating an equitable solution, Sheila A. Marshall’s persistence and knowledge achieve results. I thoroughly analyze your case to calculate a strategic course and then put my plan into action. Each step is deliberately calculated to reach your desired goals. I anticipate opposing counsel’s next move and adjust my tactics to maneuver into a better position.

Preserving relationships

In many cases, both parties are best served when they establish a cordial relationship. Through the structured process of mediation, I can help you both set aside hostility and agree on key points. Mediation can be a highly effective tool for you to preserve the stability and well-being of relationships during the turbulent process of litigation or prior to filing a lawsuit. The predictability of mediation reduces the stress of legal conflicts and puts important decisions in your hands, rather than in the court’s power.

Contact a strong Carmel, Indiana family law mediator to help you resolve your disputes

If you have a family issue in need of mediation, I can help you. Call my office at 317-759-9707 or contact me online to schedule your initial consultation.